Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Anna and her two, Me and my two, and Kamarah and her two!
Kamarah's number two is in her tummy and we can't wait for his arrivall!
Pretty toes! Kateri and I went and got our toes
done one day after hanging out with all the girls.
Kateri got cool flames on her toes and I went with
flowers! What girl doesn't enjoy a pedicure with a friend?!

Cammie and Kateri getting pampered!

Anna, Cammie, Kamarah, Adrean, Amanda, and Kateri.
We all decided to change up our girls night out to a girls
luncheon at the Cheese Cake Factory! Yummy!

Girls Being Girls!! (CRAZY)

Me, Anna, and Kamarah

Amanda, Kateri, and Adrean

We had a girls night out at Kateri's house about a
month ago and had sooooooo much fun. The theme
for this girls night was pj's and share something you
do as a girl. For example Anna brought her cute hats
in her cute hat bag and told us that when she doesn't
feel cute or have time to get ready she puts on a hat!
Anna always looks so cute in her hats and I was so excited
to get this tip from girls night! So here is where the real fun
began. Anna left her hat bag at Kateri's when she left the
party a little early that night. So we all turned in to a bunch
of elementry school kids laughing and posing with Anna's cute
hats!! Thank you Anna for leaving your hat bag as you can tell
we had a BLAST!!!

BANG BANG!! Look out charlie's angels here is
your competition!! LOL

HELLO!! Yes we are all so cute in our pj's and
awesome hats. (okay well we thought so!!)

Being silly Toasting and Cherring with out any children or
Cammie, Kamarah, Anna, Adrean, Ashley, and Kateri

Oh ya I forgot our excuse to get out of the house
and hang out with each other with out the hubbies and
kids was to celebrate Anna and Kamarah's Birthdays!!
Happy Birthday girls! Kateri great job on picking out
the cake it was really good!

Kateri did such an awesome job decorating and
helping us all feel so special for our girls night out!
I don't know a girl who doesn't just LOVE pink!!

I love girls night, afternoon, hour, minute, or
anything else I can get. We always have a great
time together. Thank you for being such great

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ST Patricks Day!

The Bradley Family loves St Patrick's Day and
enjoys celebrating!

I invited some of my friends over for some fun in
the backyard. The kids had a blast decorating cookies
and in some cases each other. LOL! We blew bubbles and
drew with chalk while the adults visited! Here is a picture
of Lethan decorating his cookie.

Drake has a ton of fun just being outside!

This is a picture of Lethan and his good friend
Colton. Notice the look in Colton's eyes before
you go to the next picture!

Busted!! You should have seen Lethan's hair. It was
covered so much that I quickly realized that this was not
the first time Colton had struck it was just the first time
we caught him. These two boys are so cute and have a ton
of fun together. They are best buds!!!

This picture does not even do it justice. I think Lethan
really was the cookie!

Here is Anna with her two children Addyson
and Colton.

This is Adrean with her two children Ethan and

This is Kamarah and Maelee and baby Charlie
in her tummy!

Lethan and Maelee sitting together and notice Lethan
is double fisting his cookies. He is so much like his Mom!

I had fun decorating and eating the cookies too!!

BROTHERS!!! Lethan and Drake are so cute together.

Mommy with her two little boys!! Look at that awesome
smile from Drake!

The Irish Bradley Family!

Daddy with his boys!!

We enjoy dressing up and then going to get green
shamrock shakes. We must have checked 6 different
fast food places for green shakes this year and Travis
was so dissapointed that McDonalds stopped selling
shamrock shakes. :(

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The beautiful scenery on the way to Las Vegas!

Look at the snow on the mountain!

Lethan is fast asleep after playing his music
for us. Notice his right hand!! LOL Lethan
loves to sing, dance, and play music for us.
He can sing the whole song to (Maybe in the movie Annie)
It's so cute!!

At the Coca Cola store you can taste 17 diff. soda's
from all around the world. We had so much fun
laughing at each other's faces and gaging at the
soda's we didnt like.

This was a fun poster of Las Vegas at night!

I think Colton thought it was real because he was
so scared standing there for the picture. He probably
felt like he was going to fall.

At the M&M store you can watch a really cute
3 D movie!

Lethan standing in the M&M store!
I was so sad. I filled up a huge bag of M&M's with my
favorite one's on the bottom and then noticed that
they were twelve dollars a pound so Trav made me put
a lot of them back because he refused to pay fourtyfive
dollars for M&M's. I bet he regreted it later because I
talked about my peanut butter m&m's that I didnt get
to have the rest of the trip. BOO HOO (Now) I am so glad my
husband didnt let me spend that kind of money on candy!!

Sam and Travis in the New York New York
casino admiring the meat!

Drake loved being carried around like this and
everyone we passed had to comment on the happy

This is infront of the Billagio casino where you can watch
the water show that dances to music which is one of my
favorite things to do in Vegas and I feel like I could watch
it several times!!

There was so much to do in Vegas and we all had
a great time even with the kids! We loved going to
all the free show's and looking at all the statues, stores,
dancers, and the food was great too!!

The Boys!

There was a HUGE fish tank that the
kids loved looking at. This is Colton and
Lethan checking out the fish!

The sting rays were so big and pretty cool to look at!

Drake liked the fish too!!

Addyson with her Daddy looking at the fish!

Someone was worn out! For missing naps and
eating at weird times the kids were so good!!!

They took turns riding, walking, and running!

This was a really cool statue show we went and saw.

This was the biggest toy store I had ever seen. It
was 3 levels and had some really cool toys.

Lethan loves Giraffes and still sleeps with his,
that he calls Bompa which is his Grandpa that
passed away but still watches over him!

This piano was the coolest and was just like
the piano in the movie (Big)!! We all had a ton of
fun jumping on it!

Lethan refused to help push. It was so funny to watch
Colton drag Lethan all around the store on this cool bike!
Lethan sure did enjoy the free ride!!

Did I happen to mention that we all skipped naps?
So it was Lethan's turn to crash in the stroller!

Great picture of Travis and Drake!

We went and ate at the Rio buffet that had a ton
of good food!! Yum my mouth is watering as we

This is all of us waiting for the shuttle to pick us
up after we ate SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much

Another great picture of the boys with there Dad's

Our good friends that went with us to Vesgas!
Sam, Anna, Colton, and Addyson

The Bradley Family in Vegas!! We all
had such a great time and can't wait
to go again!!!!